World of Fishers, Fishing game

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Join the World of Fishers and become a professional fisher! You will compete in fishing with other players. Start with gudgeon and perch fishing in the nearest lake and get as far as fishing for a white shark, a man-killer, in the most exotic places on the Earth!

• Game developed with participation of real fishing experts

• 900 different species of fish and water inhabitants

• Fish natural habits, their feeding and travel patterns described by professional fishers

• Extremely realistic fish catch and fight

• Fishing all over the world at the most famous locations

• Wide range of weather conditions all over the planet on which the fish bite depends

• No fishing tackle damage, no wear, no tear

• Everlasting fishing tackle

• Hundreds of realistic baits and fishing lures

• Full RPG-system

• Multilevel and diversified character development

• More than 400 of different quests, more than 2000 missions with rewards and bonuses

• 25 diverse NPC and repeated tasks

• 39 perks with multilevel bonuses

• Daily bonus for the catch of the first fish of any type (×2 money, ×2 experience)

• Notebook in which fisher’s every catch is registered and the information for statistics is collected

• Podium, a competitive part of the game for the best players under five categories

• Daily bonuses for players

• Easy-to-use chat for fishers

• Referral systems as extra earnings for fishers

• Frequent update that includes new game options, fish species and locations

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